Skyrocket your website conversion

Engage and Convert More

Visitors Into Customers

Increase sales and signups up to 150%. NotifyCart shows notifications

of real people taking action on your website.

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Engage and Convert More Visitors Into Customers

Engage and Convert More Visitors Into Customers

Increase sales and signups up to 20%. NotifyCart shows notifications of real people taking action on your website.

Add social proof to boost your conversions by 150%. NotifyCart shows notifications of real people taking action on your website.

 *No strings attached. No credit card required.

• 20+ Widgets  • 2-minute setup


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Why Does Your Business Need Notifycart?

In just 3 simple steps, you’ll be able to utilize a simple yet powerful psychological strategy that big companies like Facebook or Trip Advisor use to get a massive following and sales consistently.

To do this, we take advantage of ‘Social Proof’ Notifications.

The reason why these Social Proofs notifications work so well is because they invoke several emotional triggers within your prospects as these catchy yet engaging pop-ups appear in front of their eyes.


Around 85% of visitors leave an online store without

buying an item. Among many reasons, lack of

trust, engagement, and authenticity prevents

new visitors from placing an order.

Create scarcity 

Create scarcity with our Live visitor widget, this shows

urgency on eCommerce, booking and Even sites.


Every $92 spent on acquiring visitors, only $1 is spent

converting visitors into leads & sales. Get access to

our Suite of tools to increase Trust, Leads and sales by 20%.

Increase Conversion

Skyrocket conversion by showing recent activity using live feed from your website. Perfect to use on Product page, Webinar Registration, Opt-in page.


Getting a new customer is 5x more expensive

than retaining an existing one. Onboard, Engage

and Retain your Customers with our 20+ widgets,

Supercharge your landing pagesEmojiwith social proof. Start converting your visitors to leads and sales, today.

You asked for more power?

We have all you need

Auto Detect Form Submission

Custom Widget Design

Advanced Statistics

20+ Notification Widgets

GIF Supported

Visitor Feedback Module

Webhook Support - Zapier

Page level Targeting

URL Based Trigger Rules

Exit Intent Notification

Hot-Streak Widget


Boost your conversions by +150%

Notifycart is a no-brainer for increasing your conversions. Start converting your visitors to customers today!

Powering thousands of websites with notifications!


1,865 Startups, Small Businesses, eCommerce, SaaS trust Notifycart to

Engage, Convert & Retain Visitors

“Notifycart helped us reduce our churn and save over $5k+ in less than 3 months.”
Tushar Mahajan, CEO at Statusbrew

More engagement, growth & leads.

Turn your website into leads & sales-generating machine within 5 minutes


Install pixel

Easily integrate it on any website with just one line of code.


Create your notification

Create and customize your notification however you like it.


Grow & Profit

Generate more leads, conversions and growth. It's that easy.


Add Personalization in your messages like { FirstName} , { ProductTitle} and { location } that will automatically personalize to your visitor.

Seriously Fast

Performance Focused. We don’t slow down your site, our Pixel loads on to your website in 77ms.

Endless Possibilities.

Your Data, wherever you need it. Seamlessly integrate with 30+ apps, utilize Webhooks.




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We have helped 15,000+ users Engage, Retain and Convert over 1 billion website visitors. Here’s what they have to say…

Replace Tools

I was able to replace a lot of tools like FOMO, Emojis, UseMagnify, Exit Intent Coupons, Lead Capture, Pop-ups and more.

Simply Beautiful

An elegant suite of Website Plugins, perfect for any Website & eCommerce. The best part about Notifia is it’s simple, and easy for anyone to embed Growth into a website.


I’m really impressed with how this app is evolving. Very receptive to community & feedback.