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In 4 years, Google related searches for Conversion Rate Optimization doubled! Why?  Because increasing your conversion rate provides the biggest ROI of all marketing strategies according to a survey by Neil Patel.

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NotifyCart displays reviews, recent purchases and testimonials, boosting your sales.

One customer review can increase conversion rates by over 10%, and multiple reviews can boost them by 44%. Social Proof ensures the money you spend on ads is not wasted.

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Speed up decisions with FOMO and Urgency

Adding a FOMO Nudge to your product pages gives your customers a good reason to take action. You can even set a time limit with an Urgency Nudge.

When your offers have a deadline, or there’s limited stock available, customers want them more and make a decision sooner.

​Reduce abandoned carts by up to 35%

NotifyCart makes sure your customers do not leave due to worries about hidden costs or security.

Over half of all purchases fall at the final hurdle, and most of the time it’s due to something avoidable. Giving the right information at your checkout, can reduce abandonment by 35%

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I was able to replace a lot of tools like FOMO, Emojis, UseMagnify, Exit Intent Coupons, Lead Capture, Pop-ups and more.

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An elegant suite of Website Plugins, perfect for any Website & eCommerce. The best part about Notifia is it’s simple, and easy for anyone to embed Growth into a website.


I’m really impressed with how this app is evolving. Very receptive to community & feedback.